Videos of the complete opera

The videos are from the premiere production 

by the Moores Opera Center at the University of Houston. 

Buck Ross, stage director

Raymond Harvey, music director

The opera has since been revised into two acts with about 8 minutes of additional cuts. 

Part One

Part two

Part Three


Premiere Cast

The opera was double cast. The first names listed are on the video.

Lady   Sneerwell,
A fashionable widow with a vicious tongue.
Katherine De Young, Kaarin Phelps

her henchman, a vile intriguer.
Tomer Eres

Joseph Surface,
a deceptive liar and conniver.
Chaz Corder, Stephen Ash

Charles Surface,
his brother. A good-hearted lover of wine, women and gambling.
David Catalano, Dalton Woody

Sir Oliver Surface
Their uncle, a wealthy business man just returned from the East Indies after 15 years. Poses as Mr. Stanley and Mr. Premium.
Joihnny Salvesen, Jason Zacher

Sir Peter Teazle, 

formerly a confirmed bachelor; recently married to Lady Teazle.
Andrew Gilstrap, Ivan Ley

Lady Teazle, 

his young trophy wife with expensive tastes
Flora Wall, Katherine Armantrout Ewell

Sir Peter’s ward in love with Charles. An heiress.
Asha Brooke, Clare Demer

Mrs. Candour,
A flighty, eccentric gossip
Michelle Girardot, Kanisha Feliciano

Sir Benjamin Backbite,
a flamboyant gossip
Andrew Nalley

Mr. Crabtree,
His uncle, an aging fop.
Joseph Evans

An old retainer of the Surface family.
Chance Olsen, Jarrell  Comeaux

Mr.  Monopoly,
a money lender.
Jared Dees

a gambler. Friend of Charles.
Daniel Schaffer

a skirt chaser.   Friend of Charles.
David Ferguson

Sir   Harry,
a drunkard. Friend of Charles.
Jon Blouin

Servant to Lady Sneerwell
Aaron Oberlander

Servant to Sir Peter
Jon Blouin

Servant to Joseph
Daniel Schaffer